Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That 'they may be one'?

Benny Hinn and Pope John Paul II

The strength of the Catholic Church is the Holy Eucharist; the non-Catholic Christian groups, the preaching of the Scriptures.

Sermons of most Catholic priests are limited while preachings of most non-Catholic evangelists are Spirit-filled.

Non-Catholic Christians only believe the Bread as symbolic of the Body of Christ.

Rightly so because they are not anointed to turn the bread and wine into the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

But the Catholic priests are anointed for that purpose.

That is why the Catholic Church believes the consecrated Bread and Wine as the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ both symbolically and in reality.

What a good vision it is when the two unite!

One's strength filling the other's weakness.

Could it be the starting point of the realization of Christ's vision?

That "they may be one"?


Rose Ragai said...

I only get to believe that the bread is Jesus Himself when i was 21 yrs old and i only feel His presence when i received the Holy Eucharist when i was almost 30.... That is the path of my Faith in Him. Amen.

Gio C. Tijano said...

Rose, you mean you had a religious experience regarding the Holy Eucharist?
I believe so because this is now the time when God has begun outpouring His Holy Spirit on all flesh in the last days.
Have you blogged about that particular experience?
Please send me the link.
Thank you, Rose. :)

Rose Ragai said...

Gio-- I did blog about it but it is just a sharing of my love letter to Jesus.. sounds funny but that is what i did sometime when i feel His presence. Here is the link:

Don't laugh at me ok. I just write what i feel in this blog that i specially dedicate to my journey with Jesus.

Have a blessed weekend. God bless...

Gio C. Tijano said...

Just visited the link.

Such a beautiful letter you have for the Eucharistic Jesus!

Most of us are gifted with faith in the Holy Eucharist as the Real Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After this, we are graced to feel His Presence in the Consecrated Bread and Wine.

Only a few are gifted with feelings first before they believe.

I think, which comes first [faith-feeling or feeling-faith] is not important.

What's important, I think, is we BELIEVE.

God bless you, dear friend Rose! :)