Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A dream of a desert: a personal new beginning in 2011?

Photo by Kim Tien Huynh

Of late, I had a dream.

A dream I was in a desert.
A desert of the greatest test of one's life.

Manly works are foreign to me; 
but, in the midst of the sand plains, I found myself test-driving, maneuvering, for the first time, a newest model of 4X4 vehicle.
I did it exceptionally well, though I knew not car-driving in real life -- until the vehicle was out of control; and I had to jump out of it to save my own life. 

And I did that as an expert stuntman would. 
And the dream ended. 
Am I going to experience a fresh, new thing in my personal life within 2011?


sigit said...

Please follow my blog and I will do the same on your blog:

Gio C. Tijano said...

Okay, Sigit. Done! :)

marieclv54 said...

Very stimulating topic, sometimes dreams have meanings and at other times they are simply a dream. Keep writing and enjoyed this one very much.

Gio C. Tijano said...

Thank you, marieclv54!

I have had dreams that make happen.

Dreams that are so vivid that I cannot forget them.

So I cannot regard them just as that -- "dream."

Because God, too, speaks to us through dreams.

As happened to Joseph, the foster father of Jesus in the Bible and another biblical character of the same name: Joseph the Dreamer!

Will keep blogging.

Hope you keep reading.

God bless. :)