Monday, August 15, 2011

Another dream: a closer look to a previous dream of an airplane explosion?

The other day, I dreamed again of an airplane explosion.

Was it the city of my birth where I am presently residing, the setting of my dream?

Yes, I dreamed of it again -- this time, I saw the impact of the falling airplane on the ground as I was near the place where the airplane fell and exploded!

Was it a continuation -- or a closer look -- of my dream before?

To read my earlier dream of an airplane explosion, please click the following link:

In my latest dream, the airplane looked like a big stone that fell from the sky; and great was the impact so that the whole city was in a mess!

It was like the aftermath of a war!

Local economy was paralyzed.

All I see was misery.

It was in gray and white -- the vision of the dream.

And I woke up so sad and exhausted from the feeling of the bleak experience.