Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Thinker with a Heart

I dreamed of this statue of the Lord Jesus of the Sacred Heart - only He was alive as a normal human being without a Heart exposed on His Chest. He was clad in a vivid gray garment and in a deep-red cloak. It was a fleeting dream of ten seconds or less. It was night. I was in front of Him looking but He seemed not to see or to mind me at all. I see Him as a thinker as He sat, stood, walked a bit and sat again in the lighted hallway back of the church. And, then, the dream disappeared.

"The capacity to THINK is what makes humans distinct from the rest of creation."
-Aristotle, a Greek philosopher.

Jesus Christ is the greatest Thinker and Philosopher of all time because He thinks with a Heart.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An airplane explosion: a prophetic dream?

Airplane above mosque
Is this a prophetic dream?

A dream that is about to happen in the very near future?

I was out in the open expanse standing in the city of *****, my hometown, in the Philippines.

Facing north of the city, I saw an airplane bigger than an airbus preparing to land in the northeast: the ***** International Airport is situated in that area.

Everything was normal except the size of the aircraft.

It is bigger than I usually see.

It looks to me an inflated balloon in the shape of an airplane.

But I see it's a real airplane.

Everything was fine - BUT! - the moment it touched down the runway, I never saw it but it exploded so mightily that the ground I was standing on trembled.

I saw the trees and structures in the skyline trembling.

It was like the whole city of ***** trembled!

I had this dream in early 2010.

(Blogger's Note: It was me who took the picture above one day in the first week of January this year.

When I saw the airplane, I remembered my dream; and I immediately took my camera.

I was following the aircraft with my camera to get a nice view of the shot when I was aghast it came to pass on top of the mosque: I immediately clicked the button.

Any correlation?)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

'Valentine' found within John 3:16!

A relative from California forwarded this card to me via e-mail. As to where this e-card originated is not stated.
Whoever made this must be Holy Ghost-inspired. 
The Word of God is truly LOVE. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A canticle of love

 In the beginning, I was nothing.
But, from my nothingness, I came to be.
I exist.
But not by my own making do I exist.
For how can nothing produce something?
I exist because of the Love of God.
Love hath created me.
Hath God never been Love, 
I would never ever exist.
But God is Love and I do exist.
And this God-Love has taken notice of me, 
a forgotten nothingness that I was.
Holy is His Name.
Ah, even before my existence began, 
I already existed.
I existed in the Heart and Mind of God.
For He thought well of me even before He created me, 
And, then, I came into being.
I live.
But not for me do I live - 
but for Him Who loves me. 
I am nothing without Love.
Forever will I sing praises to His Mercy; 
forever will I thank Him for His Love for me.
I can't thank You enough, 
O Love, my Creator.
To You be all the glory in this Love 
You have shown me;
And let me be as Love 
and be one with Love forever, Amen.