Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Blood is thicker than water'

Take a look at the bond between these two youngsters.

John and older sister Trixie enjoy each other's company at the bay.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Religious experiences of my soul in the Holy Eucharist

"Jesus loves hidden souls. 
A hidden flower is the most fragrant." 
-Saint Faustina (Diary, 275) 

"Gio C. Tijano" is not a real name -- but the man behind the name is real.

I am real.

But I have to obscure myself by a pen name for this blog as shown to me by the Blessed Virgin Mary through a dream.

Yes, Heaven has spoken to me through dreams.

I have had, in fact, prophetic dreams -- for me, my diocese and the world. 

One is that dream I had of the Blessed Virgin Mary giving me Holy Communion on the tongue on September 8 in late nineties.

And ten years after the dream, a religious experience happened to me during Holy Communion on the vigil mass of the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 2006.

This experience was being witnessed by some persons present in that mass -- especially, the lay Eucharistic minister and fellow communicants.

That was my first of a series of Eucharistic ecstasies that I had experienced.

I cannot talk to anyone about those experiences simply because, by a dream, I had been "instructed" to blog my "spiritual experiences" for the world to read.

After about two years of self-study about blogging, "As The Wind Blows," my own blog page, was born.

After the miracle experience, it has been natural for me to show reverence to the succeeding Holy Masses that I have attended.

For the experience has taught me the reality of the True Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

But I never knew the proper way to do it as God wants it to be done.

So, I did it my own way.

In my research on the web, I came to know about "These Last Days Ministries" or the Bayside Apparitions at

From there, I happened to know that I had the same visions as the seer of the Bayside had.

Because of this, I came to a realization that we are of the same mission.

Or, the mission entrusted to me is an offshoot to the mission that Heaven entrusted to these ministries.

As dictated by Heaven, "These Last Days Ministries" is an advocate to the re-institution of Traditional Latin Mass in the Catholic Church.

Thus, I began to behave in all my Eucharistic attendance as one should behave in the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Pope Benedict XVI giving Holy Communion on the tongue of a kneeling nun at the Mass for Saints Peter and Paul on June 29, 2008.
(Photos courtesy of

Friday, January 14, 2011

See this photo: A Woman Clothed With The Sun

I took this photo of the painted, wooden statue of the Madonna at the chapel of the Jesuits-run university where I attended a noon Mass on January 12, 2011.

By Her simplicity and reverence shown in this statue, I have loved more the Madonna.

Never did I plan to take the picture to appear as above.

But when I looked at the digital camera screen, I saw the sunlight like draping on Her garment.

I was awed.

I immediately clicked the button; and, amazingly, the result is: "A Woman Clothed With The Sun."

Revelation 12:1.

(This was taken without a flash and against the noon-day sunlight.)
This time, I used a flash; but it was not planned to exclude the sunlight!

Friday, January 7, 2011

First time: I attend Holy Mass at the very place of my birth on my birthday today!

The new St. Peter Hospital

How'd you feel being in the very place of your birth on your birthday?

Today is my birthday! 

I had the privilege to hear Holy Mass this morning at the chapel of a Dominican Sisters-run hospital where I was born.

Such is first time in my life history.

In that Mass, I was the only lay person  who attended with the Dominicans and the chaplain.

The feeling was something I can hardly explain, except that I noticed myself being so reverent all throughout the Mass.

It was, surely, in thanksgiving for the Divine Attention that my nothingness has received from God and for being born into the world out of the Divine Mercy and Love of God. 

After I told them of my purpose in the hospital upon entrance, I overheard one of the security personnel asking: 

"Why should he hear Mass here when there's a parish church nearby?" 

They never knew - even the Mass celebrant and the nuns never knew. 

Only God and me do.

One of the guards even checked on me if I were really in the chapel for the Mass. 

Know that, when I went out of the hospital after the Mass, the guards smiled at me.

No food feasts can equal the joy that this whole faith experience has given me.

(Photo courtesy: The SPH BlogSpot)