Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stunts on the ropes: A dream fulfilled in four days!

Photo by Bob Willits
[The following is my diary entry of June 22, 2008, 7:43 a.m., Sunday -- four days after my dream. At first, I never knew that what I was writing about in that entry was already the dream's fulfillment. --Gio C. Tijano.]

Lord, forgive me -- I did not do anything to save a youngster who fell to the violent seas at the seawall last night.
You know that I wanted to rescue him, but I was not in my right mind because nervousness attacked me.
Two men rescued him, but the neighborhood was furious of me.
A man in the distance even got a bamboo pole and struck it on the pavement several times while looking at me. The neighbors persuaded him to stop it, but he was very angry.
It was dreadful.
I felt I was white as ashes.
But I mustered courage when realization came to me that I did nothing bad, and so I thought, "Why should I be afraid?"
I walked towards the group that was having a drinking spree.
I faced them.
I was oozing with courage -- I know You were with me at that very moment.
The bamboo-wielding guy was, suddenly, out of sight.
The men fell silent at my presence.
I know my heavenly friends surrounded me at that moment.
I talked to them.
Somebody said I shouldn't be frequenting the seawall as I do not know how to swim.
I replied, "But I am only sitting on the seawall, and not on the waters!"
He fell silent again.
Maybe, what he was driving at was that, he was ordering me to stop frequenting the place.
But I just came from there this morning.

O my God! -- the fulfillment of my dream! I realize it only now.
Slanted ravine, the slanted seawall... skilled rescuer, the adept man in the dream... three guys forming a chain to help rescuer and the victim get on top of seawall, the ropes in the dream... I was on top of seawall as I watched in amazement at their adeptness, especially the human chains...  The  people  there applauded the rescuers; and I have become the talk of the neighborhood because of my display of courage in the midst of furious men... I was alone... A  stranger in the place...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stunts on the ropes: A dream in 2008

(From the album 'Bigtec Day Out.' Photo by Tara)

[The following is entry from my diary of June 19,  2008, 8:18 a.m., Thursday. -Gio C. Tijano.]
I had a dream last night.

I found myself on top of a slanted ravine.

I was holding a special kind of ropes fastened to the trunks of coconut trees on the slope.

In the middle of the ravine was also a man having ropes on his body, somersaulting in the air and other stunts to the applause of people below.

I never knew what to do with the ropes; but as I grasped and held to feel it, realization came to me that I could do it.

Then, I found myself standing on the ropes and somersaulting in the air and landing my feet on the ropes again.

People applauded my stunts to the bewilderment of the adept man because he himself learned it after a long time of practice.

[Blogger's Note: This dream is symbolic. And four days after the dream, what it symbolizes happened to me. I wrote this experience in my diary entry of June 22, 2008. I will post that entry in my next blog post.]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Low tide between the Island City and the Big City

The mountain of the Island City and the Big City's black-sanded beach and the low sea in-between and a young man being chased by another through the waters of low tide.

The boys playing on the beach amidst remnants of pillars of sea houses.

And the men wading their way through waters for home after a 'plunge' to the low waters. (Photos by Gio C. Tijano)

Friday, May 13, 2011

One of my dreams happening: 'Pac-man' wins over 'The Golden Boy' in 2008

The smiling Manny 'Pac-man' Pacquiao with trainer-coach Freddie Roach
A showdown was in the offing.

A bout between a son of a small torn nation and a son of a great one land.

As it neared, seven thousand and more islands trembled. And fifty and more States triumphed at the coming event of the clash.

A fight of fists of a David and a Goliath! Of island-born "Pac-Man" and mainland-born "The Golden Boy!"

I, too, am a son of islands and seas and I began to do something for a brother -- daily, I prayed; daily Masses, I heard.

And on the seventh day, a vision came to me in a dream.

A clean and fresh-faced, a fair and pinkish-skinned, a smiling and chinky-eyed, a focused and faith-oozing Manny Pacquiao!

Seven more days and the fight would begin.

And so the fight was on.

And the rest is history -- his story.

Seven and one rounds were more than enough proof.

And a towel fell from the camp of the giant, Oscar De La Hoya!

WBC lightweight champion Manny Pacquiao throws a left to the head of Oscar De La Hoya during their welterweight boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 6, 2008.  (AP Photo)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A dream of a desert: a personal new beginning in 2011?

Photo by Kim Tien Huynh

Of late, I had a dream.

A dream I was in a desert.
A desert of the greatest test of one's life.

Manly works are foreign to me; 
but, in the midst of the sand plains, I found myself test-driving, maneuvering, for the first time, a newest model of 4X4 vehicle.
I did it exceptionally well, though I knew not car-driving in real life -- until the vehicle was out of control; and I had to jump out of it to save my own life. 

And I did that as an expert stuntman would. 
And the dream ended. 
Am I going to experience a fresh, new thing in my personal life within 2011?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The boy and his seafood harvest: the island and the beach

I was aiming my camera to the mountain of the Island City of ***** here in the Philippines while trying to include the sea and a portion of the beach of the Big City of my hometown when, suddenly, a boy appeared in the scene -- rear left.

My gut told me to give it a shot.

A minute later, the boy passed by me and I took a picture of him and his seafood harvest. 

Only then did I understand what he was doing in the first picture: 

He was draining off water from a basin containing seafood he harvested from the seabed (it was low tide!) just off the beach. 

He was with his mother and some neighbor friends with their own seafood finds.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That 'they may be one'?

Benny Hinn and Pope John Paul II

The strength of the Catholic Church is the Holy Eucharist; the non-Catholic Christian groups, the preaching of the Scriptures.

Sermons of most Catholic priests are limited while preachings of most non-Catholic evangelists are Spirit-filled.

Non-Catholic Christians only believe the Bread as symbolic of the Body of Christ.

Rightly so because they are not anointed to turn the bread and wine into the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

But the Catholic priests are anointed for that purpose.

That is why the Catholic Church believes the consecrated Bread and Wine as the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ both symbolically and in reality.

What a good vision it is when the two unite!

One's strength filling the other's weakness.

Could it be the starting point of the realization of Christ's vision?

That "they may be one"?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessed Pope John Paul II visits me in my dream after his death

It was night. 
I was having a dream. 
I had a visitation in my sleep.
A visitation of a papal figure days after he died. 
Clad in his light, creamy-yellow papal vestment, the fatherly pope visited my little soul in my poor, lowly hut.
Facing each other, we were on a simple, wooden bench of the balcony connected to the house, sitting.
As a father to a son, we were talking: his eyes looking into mine; my eyes looking into his.
We were not "talking" as the physical world does: we were "talking" in the spirit -- soul to soul -- without words -- without action.
 Only by simply looking into the eyes in Love communication.
And I found myself sobbing; I woke up sobbing like a longtime yearning of my soul has been fulfilled.
Was it his way of saying "thank you" for the chaplets of Mercy that I had been graced to say unceasingly on his dying moment until he breathed his last?
Or, was it a gift or a spirit transference that took place between our two souls as between Elijah and Elisha?
If so, then, am I to love as he had been gifted with to love?