Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stunts on the ropes: A dream in 2008

(From the album 'Bigtec Day Out.' Photo by Tara)

[The following is entry from my diary of June 19,  2008, 8:18 a.m., Thursday. -Gio C. Tijano.]
I had a dream last night.

I found myself on top of a slanted ravine.

I was holding a special kind of ropes fastened to the trunks of coconut trees on the slope.

In the middle of the ravine was also a man having ropes on his body, somersaulting in the air and other stunts to the applause of people below.

I never knew what to do with the ropes; but as I grasped and held to feel it, realization came to me that I could do it.

Then, I found myself standing on the ropes and somersaulting in the air and landing my feet on the ropes again.

People applauded my stunts to the bewilderment of the adept man because he himself learned it after a long time of practice.

[Blogger's Note: This dream is symbolic. And four days after the dream, what it symbolizes happened to me. I wrote this experience in my diary entry of June 22, 2008. I will post that entry in my next blog post.]


pinoy leonardo said...

Interesting. Looking forward to the post about hat dream fulfilled ;)

Gio C. Tijano said...

Yes, Leonardo, you will have it in two days.

And thanks for following this blog. :)