Saturday, May 7, 2011

The boy and his seafood harvest: the island and the beach

I was aiming my camera to the mountain of the Island City of ***** here in the Philippines while trying to include the sea and a portion of the beach of the Big City of my hometown when, suddenly, a boy appeared in the scene -- rear left.

My gut told me to give it a shot.

A minute later, the boy passed by me and I took a picture of him and his seafood harvest. 

Only then did I understand what he was doing in the first picture: 

He was draining off water from a basin containing seafood he harvested from the seabed (it was low tide!) just off the beach. 

He was with his mother and some neighbor friends with their own seafood finds.


AJ said...

Nice photos! Where is this?

T K Cypherbuss said...

Gio, this is beautiful. Such a beautiful smile on his face, and the happiness that a simple seafood harvest brought to him! :-)

Gio C. Tijano said...

Hello, AJ of the "Transcendental Tourist" blog!
I cannot tell you the exact location but it's in the Philippines.
Because this blog is of something else other than simple blogging.
I, too, blog about my dreams in my sleep and I have had dreams that already came to pass.
I had dreams about my place and the content of the dreams are something between life and death.
If I tell the name of my place, my blog would create panic amongst my people.
But you will be able to know my place by the photographs I am about to post and I have already posted here in this blog.
This is the only clue I can give at this time other than the photos: I belong to a diocese here in the Philippines which comprises a big city, an island city and an island municipality.
Let it be this for now.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't know about the sensitive nature of your blog. Don't worry; I will not even guess what place it is. I respect your right to privacy.

Gio C. Tijano said...

Hi, T K Cypherbuss!
Thank you for the appreciation: it gives a boost to my spirit.
And I give back all the glory to God: for this is not my work but God's in my life.
You see, I am not a brilliant person; but, I admit, I am gifted.
Do you see the Hand of God in these photos?
First, I was aiming my camera for something else and yet God put the boy in the picture.
Second, the boy had to pass by where I was standing for me to take more photos of him and know what he was doing in his life at the moment.