Saturday, July 10, 2010

I dream: I receive Communion on the tongue from the Blessed Virgin

Behold, I have another dream: I dream of I who took Holy Communion from the Blessed Virgin.

And, lo, all the vision was in white and green.

In the middle of a forest, the Blessed Mother and I were standing;  it was a forest in the neck of a great mountain in the place where I was born. She was young and slim; and Her Face was white and serene. Her veil and clothes were of ashen-green; and it looked to me as worn by a nun in hiding. 

Behind Her was an old tree whose trunk and branches were covered with moss.  So, too, the ascending ground where She and I were stepping on.  And the leaves of the tree were dripping with rain. A step higher than me, the Blessed Mary stood facing downhill; I stood facing uphill. 

And, lo, She was holding a White Host above a chalice to Her Breast -- in front of me.  She  was tight-lipped -- but placed the Host on my tongue. And I woke up.

Behold, that day was the day of eight of the ninth month -- Her birthday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The seawall divers

It is a raging sea.

There is excitement inside of me.

I can see the same excitement in every young boy plunging from the seawall to the waves.

And I see that these young divers like to be watched as they do their thing because they are smiling at me.

I was grinning to show my appreciation.

Diving at such a time was dangerous, though, because the sea was not yet that very high.

Yet, they managed to come out unhurt.

A squeaking bird

There is that squeaking voice of a bird again!

It is coming from next to my room, a vacant lot that seems to be a little "jungle."

Intermittently, it would shrill like shouting for help.

Maybe, it is crippled and asking for food.

I don't know, but I already prayed.

A chinky-eyed kid

I am here at the seawall, having my snack. A boy is asking for some; I never give, I can't because he has lots of companions -- all kids, too.
But where is that kid now? That round-faced and chinky-eyed kid? I left a portion for him, and he is nowhere in sight.

Thanks, God! I found him. I gave it. I am relieved.

I am going now to the chapel.

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