Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dream thwarted because of prayers? Or is fulfillment still coming in the days ahead?

When you can see some good things to happen in the future, you feel gifted; but when what you see are bad things to happen, you feel cursed. 

You pray hard it won't ever happen - or even ask helplessly other people to join you in prayers. 

That is my reason why I had my dream published here in my blog: to ask for your intercessions. 

A friend, last September 14, tipped me of a telecast news of an airplane bound to our city that returned to its airport-origin because of "engine malfunction" minutes after take-off. 

Good that it returned and landed safely despite the problem. 

Had the passenger aircraft proceeded, my dream would have happened! 

I had a dream of an airplane that exploded upon landing to our city airport. 

I hope, the fulfillment of that dream was thwarted by prayers! 

O God, spare our city from this bleak experience.

More prayers, please, O generous souls!