Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Spider-Man

The other night, the spider spat and spun a web to make a home. The next morning, man destroyed it to sweep clean his dwelling.

Last night, the spider spurted and knitted a web to build a home. This morning, man ravaged it again to sweep clean his dwelling.

Tonight, the same spider has spewed and coiled a web to remake and rebuild a home. Tomorrow morning, will man shatter it again to sweep clean his dwelling?

And the spider, will it redo its thing if thrice its home is ruined? 

Whose faith will survive? "The one that never gives up." 

The spider knows the truth. So does man.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The rosary of wood


In the silence of the night,
a Woman appeared.

Through a pore on the roof,
She entered.

As if being beamed out from above.

Without the brightness of Her glory,
She came simply.

Almost the whiteness of Her garment,
Her deep blue cloak hid.

Never She spoke, but a message She had.

Never Her face was lit that I saw,
but on the things Her hands were holding I was all eyes - rosaries of two!

On her right palm was laid a rosary of wood: on the other, a rosary of gold.

In a manner so gently, with hands open, She presented both to me;
and, slowly, put forward Her right hand
with the wooden rosary.

Then, through which She came in,
She left.

Of the two,
She was "saying" to choose the rosary of wood.

Of simplicity in life despite Wealth.

Of obscurity despite Fame.

For not for our own whim but for His Own Will
that wealth and fame

be spent.

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