Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessed Pope John Paul II visits me in my dream after his death

It was night. 
I was having a dream. 
I had a visitation in my sleep.
A visitation of a papal figure days after he died. 
Clad in his light, creamy-yellow papal vestment, the fatherly pope visited my little soul in my poor, lowly hut.
Facing each other, we were on a simple, wooden bench of the balcony connected to the house, sitting.
As a father to a son, we were talking: his eyes looking into mine; my eyes looking into his.
We were not "talking" as the physical world does: we were "talking" in the spirit -- soul to soul -- without words -- without action.
 Only by simply looking into the eyes in Love communication.
And I found myself sobbing; I woke up sobbing like a longtime yearning of my soul has been fulfilled.
Was it his way of saying "thank you" for the chaplets of Mercy that I had been graced to say unceasingly on his dying moment until he breathed his last?
Or, was it a gift or a spirit transference that took place between our two souls as between Elijah and Elisha?
If so, then, am I to love as he had been gifted with to love?


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Hello, F.a.Ellis! I am following your site. Thank you for posting. :)

Hi, Rose! Thank you for reading and affirming! :)

God bless, both.