Friday, January 7, 2011

First time: I attend Holy Mass at the very place of my birth on my birthday today!

The new St. Peter Hospital

How'd you feel being in the very place of your birth on your birthday?

Today is my birthday! 

I had the privilege to hear Holy Mass this morning at the chapel of a Dominican Sisters-run hospital where I was born.

Such is first time in my life history.

In that Mass, I was the only lay person  who attended with the Dominicans and the chaplain.

The feeling was something I can hardly explain, except that I noticed myself being so reverent all throughout the Mass.

It was, surely, in thanksgiving for the Divine Attention that my nothingness has received from God and for being born into the world out of the Divine Mercy and Love of God. 

After I told them of my purpose in the hospital upon entrance, I overheard one of the security personnel asking: 

"Why should he hear Mass here when there's a parish church nearby?" 

They never knew - even the Mass celebrant and the nuns never knew. 

Only God and me do.

One of the guards even checked on me if I were really in the chapel for the Mass. 

Know that, when I went out of the hospital after the Mass, the guards smiled at me.

No food feasts can equal the joy that this whole faith experience has given me.

(Photo courtesy: The SPH BlogSpot)