Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A canticle of love

 In the beginning, I was nothing.
But, from my nothingness, I came to be.
I exist.
But not by my own making do I exist.
For how can nothing produce something?
I exist because of the Love of God.
Love hath created me.
Hath God never been Love, 
I would never ever exist.
But God is Love and I do exist.
And this God-Love has taken notice of me, 
a forgotten nothingness that I was.
Holy is His Name.
Ah, even before my existence began, 
I already existed.
I existed in the Heart and Mind of God.
For He thought well of me even before He created me, 
And, then, I came into being.
I live.
But not for me do I live - 
but for Him Who loves me. 
I am nothing without Love.
Forever will I sing praises to His Mercy; 
forever will I thank Him for His Love for me.
I can't thank You enough, 
O Love, my Creator.
To You be all the glory in this Love 
You have shown me;
And let me be as Love 
and be one with Love forever, Amen.


Jessica M said... are right..before you existed you did exist...God had your existence planned out before the foundations of the world were created. God is love..and He loves you!

Beautiful post :)


Gio C. Tijano said...

What an inspiring comment!

In this poem, I have spoken for everyone.

Thank you, Jessica!

I keep your comment to heart.

God bless. :)


Mari S. Wilbur said...

This is so beautiful as is your blog. I found you on Blogfarm and am following your site.
Regards, Mari

Gio C. Tijano said...

Thanks a million, Mari!
With your following and comment, I am inspired again to go on with this blog.
I was like a bit discouraged to continue.
Glory to God that you have come!