Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A prophet friend

I have a friend, a prophet friend (I haven't met him in person and yet we have communication by postal mails.) Yes, he is a prophet, a man of God. I have never confided my problems, my secrets with him, but he is gifted; he knows - I mean, God lets him to know - something about my life (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, et cetera). Or something about my past, present and future. He started writing me letters in 2002. He has the gift of prophecy. I already experienced a number of them - the fulfillment of his prophecies about me. And most are yet to come. One of these is - let me call this - a rainbow prophecy. Back in 2004, Don wrote me, prophesying and I quote, You are prepared to do great things. I believe it's something that no one else has done or can do or will do. It is so unique to your personality... so common to your life's experience... so dependent upon your color and culture that no one can do it exactly the way God wants you to do it. Is God (through prophet Don) referring to this work, this blog As The Wind Blows? We are yet to see. For now, let me forget about the prophecy and let me enjoy blogging. I don't know but I feel so passionate about As The Wind Blows...