Monday, June 8, 2009

A prophetic dream?

I wrote the poem Island City last year. It was a vision from a night sleep - a dream; and I had it sometime in early or mid-nineties when blogging was not yet born.

I thought the meaning of the vision was for me to write my own book. Or for me to run my own TV program.

But it never happened.

A book hardly fits in the description of the vision. A TV program is more likely because of the showing of credits at the end of each show - but those texts are never a literary piece.

So it can't be a TV.

Then came blogging.

Blogging perfectly suits the vision - the scrolling up of white texts, especially!

History says blogging (online diary) started in 1999. That was barely five years or so after my dream.

Was my dream vision prophetic to the now blogging medium?

I came to know about blogging only last year - nine years after its inception.

I was watching GMA-7's Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho ["With A Heart Like Yours, Jessica Soho"] one Saturday evening and one of the weekend program features was about blogging. Or about online writers earning bucks by blogging.

I felt a sudden surge in my spirit while watching the program, and I had a Eureka! feeling that blogging is it! That blogging is what my dream vision was all about.

I began last year exploring to learn about the technicalities of blogging, and I haven't yet done learning.

I am starting one now (after many attempts to have my own that I can share to the world!) - this blog I titled As The Wind Blows.

Is As The Wind Blows the fulfillment of that dream vision Island City?

We are yet to see.