Saturday, June 27, 2009

A deaf-mute on the seawall

It's raining. I can't go out. O, the sun is coming out! But it's still raining. I lost my umbrella at the internet some nights back. While waiting for the let-up, let me write about a deaf-mute I also met in the seawall. The other night, while walking home, just before I met the kid on the street, I met Amang [vernacular for "deaf-mute"]. His nickname, actually, is Dodong. I also wrote an entry about him in my diary of January 19 this year. It goes this way...

The sun is very angry, and I am here at the seawall. Who likes to walk under the heat of the sun for home? I am also waiting for the hour to fetch something for my sister. I have nowhere to else to go except here. I love it here. An hour has passed. The makeshift eatery serves as my waiting shed. An hour yet to go. Very happy to see "Amang" coming to me. He is a deaf-mute teen. I have compassion for him, and I love it to know that he likes me, too. We had "conversations." I tried to "listen" though I hardly understood him. I did this to let him feel he is loved despite his situation. I gave him a five-peso coin. He left to get some worms for fishing. I gave him P20 before, and it was the first time I gave him money. How happy he was! More happy than I expected! He bragged about it to his neighbors with all the hand signals. He's coming back! With the worms! He left again for home. He called my attention after a step or two and signaled he had to go. It is a good feeling!