Monday, June 22, 2009

A host on the stone

I had an afternoon walk yesterday for Sunday Mass - and, while walking, I noticed a stone on a pavement. It's different. It's round but flat. I picked it up, slid in my pocket, and cleansed it at home. You know what? I use it as a body scrubber when I take a bath. This is a provincial bathing method, especially, by those of the mountains. A natural experience.
I remember - by the way - a dream I had last year (?). I dreamed of a stone larger than the usual we see on the road. It was lying on a dry ground. It was a block stone, almost a square - and the top was flat. And on top laid a round, white wafer, a Sacred Host! I was standing. And, as soon as I saw the Host, I knelt down, hands folded, and head bowed to the ground - in worship. And as I bowed, my folded hands bent sideways left to the point of impossibility, for my finger bones never broke itself in the process!