Sunday, June 7, 2009

Island city

I found myself on the edge of a big city, sitting where the waves and the sands met.

Beyond the great waters of blue was an island of green. My eyes were fixed on the island, but it seems I was not looking at the island. Around me were eyes of other races fixed on me.

Then, behind me, a block of white texts came scrolling up from below.

I read as it went up.

And as I read, I panted and I sighed as I grasped the essence of every line of the piece. I felt the warmth of the Hand of Love, holding the very core of my being.

And all of a sudden, I was caught up in the heavens.

And as the wind carried me to the heights, I saw the island below and an island beside it becoming as pebbles.

The sea rippled as the islands submerged like stones thrown into the sea.

And a word and another flashed on the scene one after the other. "Island," it read - and then, "city."