Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oasis in the desert

Let the world speak against me, but I have the whole of the Lord within me.

Why should I worry when the All-Powerful and the All-Knowing God Creator is inside me?

There is pain -- yes! -- because I am human and still living in the world; but the Presence of Jesus is greater.

And every pain I have, I offer to the Heart of Mercy for the good of my soul and those of all.

There are times of complaints in my heart about the pains that trouble me.

But when I realize to offer them to God, I rejoice because I have something to offer to the Heart of Jesus.

There are also times when my "enemies" attack me from every side, within and without.

Times when, despite the overwhelming attacks, I cannot feel the Lord even a bit.

Times when I feel it is already God Who attacks me, for nothing happens without His consent.

Those are my desert.

And when I find myself in the desert, I run immediately to my oasis:

I trust in the Lord.