Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A small world or a miracle?

I am a Catholic. I belong to the Church in Rome. I was a few months old when I was baptized. It was done in the church of the mother of a Saint - in the sacristy, to be exact. I was baptized in a hurry, my godfather had to catch up a flight. I have never seen him in person. I know his complete name. I grew up to see my old, original baptismal certificate. It was signed by the priest who baptized me. I still have it with me. You know? God did a miracle! It was a big miracle for me. I am seeing the Hand of God in my life in this part of my story. The last time my father knew of my godfather was after my baptism. He was leaving for a big city in the South, his hometown. Papa never heard of him since.
I was two years in college. I decided to take up Mass Communications as my major subjects. No other course was closer to my interest in writing. My professor was a writer. I always saw her by-line. Her maiden name was familiar. I had never asked. When I came to know she was also from a big city in the South, I asked her right away if she knew somebody by the name of [...]! "Daddy!" - was her reply. "He's my godfather!" I was surprised. "What a small world!" - was all she could say of the coincidence of our meeting. "What a miracle!" - for me. She remembered her father telling them of the baptism he attended before he left the king city. I brought the pictures. "Father was yet young!" - was her immediate reaction. Ma'am and I became even closer. She wondered - she said - the first time we met. Her feelings were light and easy towards me! I could feel, even at the start, there was a soul connection between us. But I am wondering where they are right now. Is my godfather still alive? And my teacher friend? My prayers go to them whether they are yet in body or already out of body.