Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First time: I touch a live python snake!

Yes, I touched a live python snake last Sunday!

It was a four-month-old pet python, the size of a diameter of a finger, owned by a neighbor of my nephew.

I ran my fingers through the back and the belly of the snake. It was unbelievably soft and smooth.

I was a snake-phobic before as everyone else is. And it was a long-time personal challenge to be able to touch it.

Many opportunities passed in the past but fear always overtook me. Last Sunday was another chance but I was very afraid. "Now or never," I told myself.

And I did it.

And speaking of snake, I have a story to tell.

One day in my fourth year high school, I was stationed to guard the back of the school together with a classmate. It was part of our civilian army training course.

We were guarding the wire fence whole day when we spotted a crawling, big-headed, slender-bodied, green baby snake in front of us.

I don't know if I participated in it but the snake was stoned to death!

Fear crawled through our spines when we came to think: when there's a baby snake, there's a big mother snake around!

It was creepy and more when we thought of eyes of a big snake looking at us at that very moment - somewhere on that grassy field beyond the fence!

We were not guarding the fence from illegal entrants anymore. But for a big green snake to appear suddenly.

If it did appear, we already knew what to do - RUNNN!!!

Fear only stopped when school that day was over.