Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Php100,000 faith check to real check!

To tell you frankly, it is not that easy to have a prophet friend in one's life. It involves a sacrifice.

At first, a prophet would prophesy something good to happen to you; but he would ask you to give something sacrificially after prophesying.


This, I could hardly understand in the beginning; but when I have been acquainted with the Word of God, it is easy to follow the law of giving.

But when you are faced with a dilemma to choose between obeying and filling your stomach, your soul struggles within.

It is, indeed, a real struggle on your part -- to give or not to give.

But I have experienced my first concrete financial miracle with Don the prophet after a year and four months of our mail friendship.

Don wrote me a letter after receiving so many others from him and instructed me to offer Php1,000 for the ministry!

If I be able to give the amount he asked for in that letter, God would turn the money back to me a hundred times over!

That was a word from a prophet.

I never had the money but I desired to obey him as the prophet of God.

What I did, I pawned my wristwatch and offered Php1,000 to the local ministry office.

In reply, Don mailed me a sealed faith check in the amount of Php100,000 in my name.

Of course, that was only a "faith" check and could not be made into cash!

But after about three months, I received an unexpected real check of Php109,600 (USD2,000) coming from my father in the States!

Naturally, Don and my father never knew each other.

That miracle happened in December 2003.

Don even wrote me in early December that a financial miracle was coming.

And that it was going to be truly a "merry Christmas" for me.

Sure, it was.

I was so overwhelmed by the miracle I had everything photocopied.

Yes, even the two bills!

Because, when I cashed the check, I noticed the two bills from a bundle of Php100,000 had my initials on in its serial numbers!