Monday, June 6, 2011

'Rey' and kids: Casting fish nets at the wharf

Seasonal fruit vendor 'Rey' is ready to cast fish nets into the sea at the local wharf here for a night catch.

It's his second time to be photographed while casting nets at the wharf. 

Rey had his first picture taken by a journalist who published the photo at the local newspaper.

He was able to get hold of the newspaper, see the photo and read the caption -- but...

...Rey was a bit disheartened because the caption tells of his unsuccessful catch that night. It reads: 'God, be merciful! All this man got was garbage!'
But with me taking pictures of him this night is different!
With son and daughter and two kid neighbors helping to take entangled fishes from the nets, Rey is game to pose for pictures.

The catch! Fishes of different sizes and kinds!

Rey Jr. takes shelter from the coldness of the night in a docked wooden boat while taking a bite or two of the fish meat they have caught!