Saturday, December 18, 2010

A maya bird falls almost dead - but flies again later!

A maya bird from the Philippines
One late afternoon, while waiting for the Holy Mass to begin, I noticed two maya birds chasing each other in the air inside the church.

One fell on the floor.

It was a very bad fall; I thought it was already dead.

But several pews from where I was sitting, I could see it was writhing in pain and dizzy and trying to stand on its feet.

I went to get the bird from the floor and put it somewhere outside to avoid being trudged on by church-goers.

The wall fan, maybe, was the culprit because I saw the two passing by the fan before that one bird fell.

Whatever the cause, but it was really hurting.

I picked it up, went outside and prayed.

"All Heaven, this bird needs graces: let it recover and fly again - for me, amen."

As I prayed, its claws were holding on tight to my finger.

I was a bit alarmed because the Mass would start in a minute.

I took its claws from holding on to me - and went back to my seat.

I let it on my palm while caressing its head with my finger.

I put it on the floor where it was safe - and the Mass began.

A little later, it flew away suddenly - with swiftness, power and strength - to my amazement!